ChasingBlueSky.net will eventually hold the documentation of the motorcycle travels that hubby Doug and I enjoy. Right now we ride Harley-Davidsons though, eventually, we’d love to get a set of adventure bikes as well. Mostly we do touring, occasionally we do Iron Butt certification rides, and we’re doing our first endurance “scavenger hunt” type rally in August 2016. Best of all though, we ride with friends, have fun, and enjoy both the rides and the destinations. :0)

This site is very much under construction. Currently, I am compiling where we’ve been via the MapsMarker maps embedded throughout, and cataloging pictures from over the years which I’m posting out to SmugMug (along with Jeep, Dog, and other pictures). Select images will be pulled back into posts and pages here. The goal is to go back and do write-ups of the various trips, and then start posting near-live as we start new trips. Will I have this all in place for the How the West Was Won rally in August? We shall see!


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