Trailer Choices

NOTE: This is completely DRAFT status at this point, but I wanted it available so I could look at it when not logged in myself. :0)

We have a big wish list for our potential future RV, but that deals with detailed features/options. We also have some core requirements that will greatly narrow our brand/manufacturer/model choices right off the bat.

#1: All-Aluminum

  • PROs
    • won’t rot or rust
    • lighter weight
    • lower maintenance
    • sturdiness / longevity
  • CONs
    • not as “homey” fresh off the dealer lot
    • aluminum is great conductor of heat and cold so hard to cool or heat
    • industrial feel

The all-aluminum trailers that I’ve found so far are made by Airstream, InTech, or ATC. As we are also leaning toward a 5th wheel toy hauler that narrows it down to ATC. Happily, ATC has a great reputation, uses welds vs. screws, single-sheet roof construction, comes with a 3 year warranty, and has a low report of issues.

#2: High Enough GVWR that we don’t have to be concerned with how much overall weight we’re loading each time (still have to concern ourselves with weight distribution, of course).

On the other hand, something with sliders could be nice for extra room and might well be worth the trouble they seem to bring with them, and having a homey look and feel and all sorts of convenience features out the box could be nice too so let’s at least take a look at one of those as well even though it takes us out of the all-aluminum space. An extra patio would be saweeeeet!

The current front-runner on the all-aluminum end is an ATC 5th Wheel Toy Hauler 8’6″ x 40′, and on the non-all-aluminum end is a Grand Design Momentum 398M. and then one with an aluminum cage (floor, walls, roof) – the Luxe Toy Hauler 48FB. Let’s compare the three.