Time Flies!

Wow, time flies! My last post was almost six months ago, in April after arriving in PA and getting settled. I think I still suffer from click sprain, but it was worth it. The only thing we didn’t get for our new S&B nest that we “need” is another two recliners — one for each pup. Pretty sure that’s not happening though. Sorry, not sorry. :0)

Dana’s still working from home full-time, and it looks like there’s no change to that on the horizon any time soon. Yay. I’m doing freelance IT work, getting things up and running at Pigasus Studio, and slowly, slowly, slowly getting back to some writing. The downside to getting back to a novel after a long hiatus is that everything looks like crap. Anyhoot, more on that would be for the Ordinary Dreams blog, not here.

Here is travel.

Only, we’re not doing much of that these days. Between COVID19 restrictions and no longer having a doggie door, we’re sticking pretty close to home. We have been to a few places though, and I’ll be getting up some posts about those places, playing catch-up for the summer.

See you soon!