The Eyes Have It

Our overall itinerary ( has been final for quite a while now, hmm, actually since March 13 per the time stamp on the overview file. Goodness that seems a long time ago! Anyhoot, regardless of how long something’s been “final”, an additional set of eyes never hurts. When Michele was plugging the stops into her GPS method she caught a weird address. Apparently when I created a planned photo op stop for the “Welcome to Alaska” sign near the Alcan Port of Entry the system placed it in the right location but added an Ontario, CAN address.

That would be a wee bit out of the way, eh?

I think our GPS units would have ignored the address in favor of the custom route unless we tried to navigate to it directly, but the system she uses only deals with addresses and not custom routes so her trip could have been a bit longer. She might have wondered something, though, if Doug and I went in one direction and she another.

Those two do joke that perhaps I, as the Travel Elf and thus supplier of the GPX files / stop info, am routing them one way and going a different way myself. I say that’s certainly possible and to keep an eye on the trike in the pack. If it disappears maybe we’ll meet up again along the way. :0)

Can we go now? Pleeeeeeease?

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