Road Reading

Do you love to travel? Do you love to read? Do you prefer physical books over digital? I love my Nook, but I know that many prefer the heft, the feel, and even scent of having an actual book in their hands. I do fondly remember these things, but for me personally the Nook’s carrying capacity overrides the sensory/tactile aspects of the physical.

So, how do you find physical books to read when you’re on the road?

Some suggestions I’ve collected from various groups I’m in when this topic arises:

  • Some libraries grant temporary cards, great for if you’re going to be in one spot long enough to read the book(s) and get them returned before you leave.
  • Some libraries have a free paperback section.
  • Trade books with other like-minded travelers.
  • Trade books at a used book store.
  • If you’re at a campground, or especially an RV park, some will have libraries where you can borrow during your stay or just plain take 1 / leave 1.
  • Get ’em cheap at a thrift shop then donate them back or to another one elsewhere.
  • Get ’em cheap at a garage, yard, or campsite sale (do they do those?) then donate them when you’re done.
  • My personal favorite*: Little Free Libraries

* The Little Free Libraries’ home page shows a child opening (or could be closing, or just playing with the mechanism, who knows) an LFL box. Every time I see that when referring this resource to others — many of whom are bikers in my circle of peeps — I mentally see instead the child alongside a tattooed, long-haired biker clad in worn black leathers standing next to an open box discussing books and having a grand ole time. :0)