Tips and Notes

From Us

None yet except do your research. But maybe that’s what brought you here in the first place! :0)

From the Internet

  • Buy used vs. new — depreciation after signing the paperwork (not even waiting until you drive off the lot) is horrendous, why take that value hit?
  • Buy from an individual vs. a dealer if possible
  • Warranties are pretty worthless as dealers/manufacturers will actively refuse to cover covered issues
  • Repairs can take months!!! — this can be an added benefit of traveling with two rigs: could always have at least one (unless disaster hits and both are injured/sick)
  • Airstreams get really good reviews, especially the models with aluminum siding — well-sealed, few leaks; downside is that these are all towables vs. driveables (unless heavily modified)
  • “Lot rot” is a real thing whether it aged on the back of a dealer lot or tucked away in Granny’s barn
  • Slide-outs are great for added space when parked, but are notoriously riddled with issues
  • Suggested tools and things:
    • universal faucet handle
    • flow regulator for hoses for filling tanks