Class Comparisons

It’s possible we might roll some of this knowledge into a book for beginner RVers. In the meantime, here’s an online database of the info we’ve been gathering. It’s all freely available on the internet, nothing here is new or unique, it’s just easier for us to refer to something …

Rig Scenarios

This certainly doesn’t show all possible scenarios, just ones under consideration and even at that, some more, hmmm, potentially realistic than others.* Gooseneck probably preferred.
Towing Capacities
These are our potential tow vehicles or ones under contemplation. For more info on towing in general and some towing capacity, statistics see the Trailer Life …

Tips and Notes

From Us
None yet except do your research. But maybe that’s what brought you here in the first place! :0)
From the Internet
Buy used vs. new — depreciation after signing the paperwork (not even waiting until you drive off the lot) is horrendous, why take that value hit?
Buy from an individual …

Wish List

These are the features we’re considering and/or not considering. For more on possible features see the RV Class Comparison page. * Therefore probably not a pop-up, though: an Opus Off-Road AirOpus w/ extra awning space is enticing and can go off-roading (to some extent) along with the Jeep(s) vs. being left behind, so such a …

Things Still to Research

Adding to this list as we go, certainly not a comprehensive listing of what we still need to research. Alternately, if something is not on here it certainly does not mean we’ve fully researched it to our satisfaction. 

  • Tires – cost (not cheap), maintenance (e.g. cover when parked), adjusting tire pressure for load, etc., etc.
  • Loading – weighing, distributing over axles, etc., etc.
  • Towing – options (e.g. flat tow, dolly tow, trailer tow), dos, don’ts, hitches, weight distribution, etc., etc., etc.
  • Mechanical Maintenance Needs – what would we need to do when? what repairs can we do? which ones need a real mechanic? dealer/warranty work? etc., etc.
  • Domicile – would need a “permanent address” for licensing, voting, mail, etc.
  • Insurance – health, vehicles, valuables, etc.
  • Training – be an informed owner! https://nrvta.com/training-options/rv-owner-training/
  • Inspections – pre-purchase, ongoing; https://nrvia.org/
  • Income Taxes! – this looks to be a nightmare, filing and paying taxes in every state visited where we exceed whatever threshold they might have for non-resident work/earnings while within the state. Senate bill S.604 might make a life of working on the road simpler should it ever pass. Even if it does, though, that’s years down the road.