Japan 2018

We went on this trip as a study abroad session through Arapahoe Community College (ACC) with 43 other people (instructors and fellow students). Doug was in the photography class and I was in the ceramics class. 

Tracking was rather intermittent and disappointing for this trip. We’ve gotten so used to having our InReach devices “always on” or at least “reliably on” when on our motorcycles or in our Jeeps it was hard for me to remember to turn mine on and off and for either of us to make sure they were tracking properly. Our fault, 100%, but disappointing nonetheless. Anyhoot, you can see some of where *I* went — many days Doug was with me but on many days he was not since our classes sometimes went their separate ways.

Spotwalla Trip Maps:

  1. Kyoto Area
  2. Tokyo Area

More to come!