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We have, hmm, rather compartmentalized our different (on the road and off) activities / potential funding streams. They just seem too diverse to try to roll into one entity. That also means you can pick and choose which aspects of us you want to follow. 

Chasing Blue Sky

On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again, making memories with my friends …” oh, pardon me. Hi! Thanks for visiting this website, and please do follow us on any of these other site(s) as well.


Becca freelances and will consider most any job. Rates are provided on Upwork and vary (and are negotiable) based on work type, length, and other such criteria.

Ordinary Dreams

Becca’s writing-related rambling blog.

Also “hosts” Woodrose Press which is the publisher for Pigasus.Studio, R.L. Gray, and W. Rose Gray.

Motorcycle Detours

Along with our friend and frequent travel companion, Michele, we have an inkling of an idea on how to make money from our love of motorcycling. Stay tuned!

Coming soo–, er, someday …

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We could both do studio activities on the road. Photography certainly. Some jewelry. Some artwork. Low-content* paperback books. Paperback / eBook guides. 

R.L. Gray

Becca writes as R.L. Gray for snack-sized romances, and for novels. Writing can be done from anywhere, anytime. 

W. Rose Gray

Becca creates low-content* paperbacks under this pen name. More coming all the time.

* Low-content refers to items such as weekly planners or fill-in logs and trackers.