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We have, hmm, rather compartmentalized our different (on the road and off) activities / potential funding streams. They just seem too diverse to try to …

Finding Places to Stay

So how do we find places to stay? What are the kinds of places to stay with which travel mode(s)?Typically, I search via Google around …


Though our dream scenario is winning the lottery and not *having* to work, reality is that if this ever happens we will have to continue …


Right now we do most of our traveling via the motorcycles. However, sometimes we take the Jeeps (and Dogs!) instead. Even less frequently we leave …

With the Dogs

The dogs like to go with us (and we enjoy it, too, of course). They get to go in the Jeeps. When we’re out on …

Road Trips

Here are some of our past trips. As we get the blog posts reorganized and photos cataloged we’ll get one thing linked to another. Trip-tracking started in mid-2014 so that year forward is most robust. We’ll be adding older trips as we run across pictures or uncover memories. Under construction, always. :0)

To see things split out by travel mode, see the via motorcycle, via Jeep, via RV, and via other means pages. 

* These are maps of Becca and/or Doug’s routes tracked via InReach and displayed via Spotwalla.  Others might be on the trips with us (or we might be going along on their trips; or we might be meeting up here and there or somewhere) but these maps only cover our own travel. We got our first InReach device in 2014, then in 2018 we got a second one so that we both have one for times where we’re not travelling exactly together.

For the most part, where there are map links for both Becca and Doug the routes might be very similar as we tend to go the same way at the same time when we go on trips together. Sometimes, though, they do differ.

We love our InReach devices and recommend them to everyone! In addition to the ability to display trips (as done here in conjunction with Spotwalla), others can view your current travel if you send them a link. It also has two-way satellite-based messaging and the ability to request emergency assistance with your location sent in the request. Thus it can be an actual life saving device. We no longer travel without them.

** We bought the InReach after we started this activity.

In Cheyenne. Next stop, Canada. Ha, OK, a few more stops in between.