Moving, Forward

Gonna miss the Horton Hears a Who poof balls. And the mountains. {sniff}

Ahhhh, for those of you who know us personally you likely have already heard about the big changes in our lives. For those who haven’t heard, here’s the scoop.

  1. The person formerly known as Doug (he/him) is now expressing herself fully as Dana (she/her). Being able to be oneself cannot be overrated. This is not an easy transition for either party, but it is most certainly a very, very good one. We won’t be going back through past posts to update name and pronoun references, but going forward we/us refers to Becca and Dana, whereas she/her could be either. :0)
  2. Dana and I will be going forward through life as besties. She’s my person (ala Grey’s Anatomy) and I hers. We might not always live together for all of our years left but — fair warning — we might also end up being the two batty old dog ladies who live down the block. From you. If so, come visit!
  3. We’re moving out of Colorado for Dana’s new job in Transylvania and downsizing like crazy*.

Biker friends: No worries, Dusty and Grim are going with us. {whew} eh? Someday they might travel inside a toy hauler, or one nestled inside and one still running free on the road as we go. If you see them in a toy hauler, first give us your x-ray glasses and second don’t scoff at them (or worry about them please as they’ll not be injured, just spoiled) as you might hurt their feelers. Long rides are still our favorites, so expect to see one or both of us popping up here and there. No one is safe. {bwwaaahahhhaaaaa}

Wheeling friends: Welp. Creeper, a.k.a. Dogicon, is going with us and there are lots of state forests and wheeling grounds to explore in Transylvania and surrounding states. Dana found MMM MUD, her 2006 Jeep, a great new caretaker so the Jeep formerly know as Mud is now getting some long overdue TLC. Down the road Dana might get a new Jeep, or might {gasp} get a different type of vehicle entirely, who knows? Creeper might soon get to pull a small trailer for a while, and might well eventually be traded in for a heavy-duty truck to pull a toy hauler for spoiling the people, dogs, and bikes. Times, they do change, do they not?

RVing friends: My long-term plan remains location-independent work and full-time adventure on the road. Dana’s even already volunteered to help me look for a trailer when we’re ready financially so I can start taking short trips and get us all (people and dogs) used to the process. I was confident she would help me shop I just didn’t expect her to volunteer quite so soon {teary-eyed smile} as that will be yet another big adjustment for us and things have been one big change after another for a while now and we’re both rather overwhelmed at times. Anyhoot, I imagine once I do get on the road full time she’ll join me for many many road trips along the way (being under penalty of death and all if she does not).

Dog friends: Lu C. Fur and L.C. are OF COURSE going with us, wherever life takes us.

Adventure is out there! ~ Up!


* Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s absolutely insane the amount of STUFF we had in our house and garage. Some things we hadn’t even unboxed since we moved here in May 2006, so almost 14 years without touching it. Wowie. We’ve had a three-day garage sale and made some money, but it didn’t really reduce the piles of stuff. I’ve already taken three loads to Goodwill and there’s more loads of stuff to go, and the large pieces of furniture still to sell. Or give away. Or burn in the driveway.

We’re also giving a bunch of stuff — DVDs, CDs, and metal things — to Boots On the Ground, an organization that recycles the metal and uses the funds and other donated items to create and send care packages to deployed troops. I highly recommend this avenue if you have things they need — they have a list of things they’ll take for recycling on their home page, and a list of troops-requested items on another page. Check ’em out.