“Last Gas” CO

They should’ve had a sign that said, “Last gas X amount of miles.” ~ Wild Hogs


This ride idea was spawned because Hubby Doug, Housemate Michele, and I were trying to figure out which way to go for a potential BB1500 attempt. Doug and I have attempted a BB1500 twice so far. On one, another CO In-State attempt but with the Tour of Honor (TOH) stops mixed in so not mostly interstate, we were short by about 20 miles when time ran out. The other, KS In-State attempt with TOH stops mixed in, we think we made but still have to submit the paperwork. Michele’s probably ridden 1,500 miles in 36 hours before, but in an undocumented manner so it’s time to make it official. Besides, we all want that patch!

Where to go? So many options! Someday we do want head up to the North Dakota / Canadian border to the International Peace Garden – in part in order for Doug and me to be able to color in North Dakota on our states-ridden-in maps, in part to visit the gardens – but that seems to be a better Summer option, because we do want to visit the gardens. Then we think: maybe down to Texas for BBQ with a friend or two. Warm temperatures, good food, great friends, what could be better in late September? However, weather issues are predicted one way and loom another way. We don’t often give Mother Nature the upper hand, but with 90% chance of thunderstorms predicted for Lubbock area as we’d be rolling through each day, and the town’s history of flooding this year, we think it would be wiser to bow to her and go around. Unfortunately, the alternate route towns have nasty predictions as well. Denied!

Last GasNorth calls to us – we’re planning that trip to Alaska for next year so a practice run into Montana / towards the Canadian border is not unthinkable – yet the cold weather is settling in so between reduced temperatures and a high chance of precipitation – not just rain, maybe snow – that doesn’t sound so fun at the moment. Nothing entices us to go East into the neighboring states right now either, having all been out that way this month already. To the South and West lay fun things, beautiful scenery, and warmish weather, but, with the timing, we’re looking at darkness upon arrival and departure and that discourages us.

Yes, yes, so many options, and yet none look overly interesting. {sigh}

Can’t decide which direction to go? Hmmmm. How about going in all directions but staying inside Colorado for attempts at an In-State SS1000 & an In-State BB1500. Colorado certainly has enough interstate in the main N, S, E, W directions with an extra spur to the NE. This would be significantly faster than the TOH-integrated attempt we made, leaving us plenty of time-based wiggle-room to make the miles with adequate padding. Bonuses: we could stay at home versus a hotel ($-savings), wouldn’t have to board the dogs ($-savings and doggie hugs), would always within about 265 miles of home, and would be traveling each day in familiar territory (the last two are usually not so enticing, we like to see new things/places, but for this scenario they work).

BUT, we don’t particularly like just riding long distances, all three of us need some sort of mental “lure”, even if it’s fully manufactured / only in our heads. So, how about “last gas” stops (-ish; going for the town versus whatever the technical last station available might be) which ties into the Wild Hogs movie quote? Who doesn’t love Wild Hogs movie quotes?!

Will we ride this ride? Who knows! Now that it’s on the radar, though, it will tickle, tease, and taunt. If you’re tempted, give it a try and let us know how it went.


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