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DD Changed Mind or Ordered in Error – Chasing Blue Sky
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DD Changed Mind or Ordered in Error

Note: this information is extracted from the full Replacement and Refund Policies for your convenience. The full policy applies at all times.
Replacement and refund handling depends on the product type (digital vs print-on-demand) and the fulfillment company used. You can see the fulfillment company in parentheses at the end of the product title. e.g. for Garden Fertilizer Humor Chill Wine Tumbler (Printify), the fulfillment company is Printify.
For purchases through integrated fulfillment companies, e.g. Chasing Blue Sky itself, or Prinful and Printify, support requests are routed through Chasing Blue Sky. Chasing Blue Sky imposes a 7-day limit based on date (e.g. order date, delivery date, or estimated arrival date) as specified in each section, which might be a shorter timeframe than offered by third-party fulfillment companies.
For purchases through external fulfillment companies, e.g. via Amazon, support requests must be submitted through their site and are subject to their replacement and refund policies. If the external fulfillment company is also a marketplace, e.g. Amazon, then individual merchant policies might further impact your options (more flexible or restrictive).
Due to the nature of digital downloads (DD), they are generally not refundable after download.
Chasing Blue Sky
The fulfillment company considers requests if
  • you ordered multiple copies of the same digital title within the same transaction, or
  • you changed your mind, and have not downloaded the file, or
  • you ordered the wrong digital title, and have not downloaded the file.
You must report the digital download product order error within 7 days of the order date. Yes, report via a support ticket.