Hulloooo from PA

The move from Colorado to Pennsylvania is complete. Dana’s been here since mid-January, the dogs and I arrived April 3rd. The dogs were great travelers in the U-Haul truck and we made great time. Didn’t hit anything with the truck or the auto transport trailer I was towing behind it. Yay me! Great practice for a Class C plus Toad if we decide to go that way in the future.

We’re getting settled in and establishing new normals everywhere. Since we’re all used to having a fenced yard with a 24/7 doggie door getting a new routine in place for doggie-calls-of-doodie before COVID19 stay-at-home restrictions lift is pretty high on the to-do list. The dogs are self-directing their shared custody of the humans and splitting time between the rooms/beds at night. Heck, even during the day when we humans are not in our rooms the dogs are spending time in one bed or the other as they see fit. Hmmmm. Spoiled rotten, they are.

Oh my, we’ve also done our part, probably more than our part, to stimulate the economy right now. Once sale on the house in Colorado was complete we jumped right in with all 12 feet. I feel a bit like we’re backsliding on the whole downsizing thing we did when packing up to leave Colorado, but then I remind myself that these were all pre-planned purchases. Bed frames (adjustable, ahhhh), beds (Purple, not here yet dangit), Ninja Foodi (love it!), washer/dryer (FlexWash/Dry), “theater seat” recliners (we’ll love ’em once the correct ones arrive; oh Ameerha H. in OH, we have your order …. ), new pots and pans, a kitchen knife set, and lots and lots of smaller stuff. {whew} Click sprain!

OK, so we humans are most definitely spoiled rotten, too. :0)