Getting to Mile-0

It’s exciting and we can hardly wait — on Saturday we ride off to Alaska! Who’s sleeping Friday night? Not us!

We’re zipping through the first bit of our trip as an Iron Butt Association Bun Burner attempt in order to reach Mile-0 of the Alaska Highway as quickly as possible.

1,500 miles in 36 hours or less.

It’s actually about 1,650 miles from our launch point to the Mile-0 marker in Dawson City, BC, CAN. We anticipate getting the 1,500 in under the 36, but will we make it all the way to the marker inside the Bun Burner window?

Follow our adventure to find out!

After reaching Mile-0 on day 2 we’ll have another 21 days and 7,000 miles of fun times ahead of us before we’re home again. Here’s hoping our dog will talk to us when we get back and our house sitter won’t have changed the door codes. :0)

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