Chasing Blue Sky

Chasing Blue Sky is restructuring to blog about income vs. our travel, partly so that we can hopefully travel more. Don't worry, the travel channel (heheheh) will eventually be back as a new website. This site will be available soon, and thank you for your patience. In the meantime, below is some information about what will appear here.

Join me on my journey to diversify revenue streams in support of my flexibility goals.


I'll cover offerings and then subjectively evaluate the effort required, earning potential, risks involved, and some pros and cons, all from my viewpoint. I encourage you to form your own opinions. Everything is relative to *your* goals, circumstances, comfort levels, experience, etc., and so any opinion offered here is mine alone and does not speak to what you'll experience. But I firmly believe knowledge is power, and I enjoy doing research and sharing what I've found in the hopes that it helps someone else.


Topics will include, but will not be limited to, remote work, work from anywhere, freelance, consulting, referral programs, affiliate marketing, revenue sharing, print on demand, drop-shipping, ecommerce, sponsorship, gigs, investing, and real estate. Also, information on getting started creating and managing your revenue stream(s) as one or more small businesses.


As I explore or participate, I'll be as transparent as is reasonable; know up front that won't be sharing everything. For example, revenue streams for which I will *not* be sharing the details are my ongoing client relationship based efforts due to privacy and/or regulatory and/or licensing concerns for clients, brokerage, and/or myself. At this time this includes my work as technical services provider / consulting and as a real estate broker.


~Updated 2023-01-30