Encouraging Experiences

I’m making some progress toward a life on the road. I was even doing well and being very strong as we got Dana situated to move on ahead to Erie while the dogs and I stay back and get the house sold. The last day or two the “overwhelm” of it all has kind of settled overhead like a personal cloud. That’s OK, I expected this and can work through it, it’s just a bit draining. I’m seeing progress, though, ticking things off the to-do list (does it really count, though, when I’m adding things to it as well?) and bit by bit I’m getting it done.

We’re downsizing like crazy. I’m both *horrified* at the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated and have now given away or sold or donated or recycled or flat out trashed or for which we can’t seem to find any takers at all (Bowflex Ultimate 2 w/ all accessories, anyone?), and *amazed* at how much stuff we still have left that just needs to be donated in the hope it’s useful to someone and doesn’t end up in the landfill. Even so, amazed or not, there are some things I can’t seem to let go of right now — and since Dana’s gone ahead I get / have to make the final decisions now (not really; if I ask she’ll opine) — so these things will make this move with us and be reevaluated later when I or we actually get a trailer and get on the road.

What keeps running through my mind is to encourage, encourage, encourage the trend in folk to not accumulate stuff but rather accumulate experiences.

To encourage people who have accumulated STUFF to go through it with an eye toward actively choosing what to keep KonMari style, then start accumulating more experiences.

Our housemate’s financé has this down already: he asks for experiences as gifts rather than things. :0)

Now, back I go to the sorting and packing. Thanks for reading!