HW3: Cheat sheet… Check!

Ok so it’s not really a cheat sheet, but rather a reminder list.

Becca found a forum post suggesting keeping a list written on the
windshield as a reminder of what to do on a riding rally.
My windshield is a Klock Werks Flare whuch has too much curve to it to
facilitate having a list on it. I improvised a tank list using tinted
window film and a white china pencil/marker. This allowed for a removable
write-on wipe-off list that wont damage my paint.

The list did work well, however next time I’m going to write larger. I wont
get as much info on it. But it’ll be easier to read when approaching a
bonus stop. Now if they only made glow in the dark china pencil/markers.
That would be helpfull after dark.

  • Dana

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