Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

For anyone wanting to ride their motorcycle (or drive their car) to Whittier, AK here’s something you’ll want to keep in mind: Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, a.k.a. the Whittier Tunnel.

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

It’s a privately-owned 2.5-mile one-lane one-way  multi-purpose (trains, cars, motorcycles, semis; no people, no bicycles)  tunnel.

It’s reported to take about 10 minutes to traverse at a 25-mph speed limit. There are schedules (thank goodness, would not want to get hit by a train!) and tolls involved so be sure to check the information at Alaska D.O.T.’s site and their motorcycle safety information page when making your plans. Jet engines ventilate the tunnels and I’ve seen differing word on the internet as to whether or not the engines are on when vehicles are in the tunnel. Some say they are, thus making it that much harder to ride, and others say they are only turned on between trips (so no vehicles inside) but either way there might be turbulence from the jets at either end. Trains are let through ad hoc, so there might be delays to the schedule at any time.

The tunnel is supposedly North America’s longest, and certainly beats out our local Eisenhower Tunnel by nearly 1 mile.

Personally, I think it looks like fun but am wondering how wide those train tracks are and if Grim’s rear tires would fit between or if he’d have to straddle to one side or the other. Who’s game?

Who’s game to ride through this twice (or face a large ferry bill on the Whittier side)?

Below is a YouTube video of an unedited ride through the tunnel by WanderingAlaskans.

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