And so it begins … #52HikeChallenge2020-2021

‘Cause we (royal we; Dana’s much better at moving than I am) need some motivation to get up off our (royal) butts, we’re now signed up for All Trails to find some fun trails in the area and beyond.

I also signed up for the #52HikeChallengePetSeries, the pet version of #52HikeChallenge2020, (which, given that we’re starting in November, will spill over into #52HikeChallenge2021).

Anyhoot, this would be #hike1 of that challenge., as Asbury Woods. If you look at our All Trails recording — which, btw,  is missing a portion from the parking lot to when I realized I had to hit the big red button to START the recording (silly me, thought I’d already started it and hitting the red button would END it; nope) — we kind of went off the trail. Yet if you look at the Asbury Woods trails map, we were pretty much spot on in following it.

Ah well, just a reminder that the internet is the internet and to double-check before trusting any map. This becomes more important the farther you go from “civilization”. We weren’t far from home here. :0)