Lunching in Tok, about to start the last bit of Alaska we’ll ride this trip. Headed home. (wah) But not will I be glad to see my Lu C. Fur! Planned route, subject to change, more of Canada we haven’t seen yet on the way back, including a zoom through […]

Headed Home

Time for Some TLC. For the bikes, that is. We thought dropping them off for oil changes yesterday afternoon would be sufficient. Noooooooo. First: Grim, my trike, has decided to collapse the springs in the primary. As it turns out, no dealer in Alaska has any in stock and it’s […]

Time for Some TLC

We all made it and are Home-R for tonight and tomorrow night at Land’s End Resort in Homer. The view from our room and the sounds of the waves are going to b pretty hard to handle, but we’ll try!


Here is a short video of setting up camp at Chena Hot Springs outside of Fairbanks AK. [image: Inline image 1]

How to setup camp

Doug and Grr snoozing this morning while we waited for the 5:15 shuttle to Wonder Lake. Pics coming someday soon, we promise. We got to see Denali in spectacularly clear glory. Pretty awesome!


Made it to Denali National Park. Today we set up camp and putz around. Tomorrow we shuttle in to Wonder Lake and back. Yeeha!

Denali NP

Here lies the ‘unofficial’ end of the Alaska Highway sign. 3,152 miles from Denver. :0)


Kicking back tonight and tomorrow night at Chena HOT Springs Resort. Dinner, ice house museum tour, and hot springs soaking time tonight. Ahhhhhh.

Kicking Back

We’ve passed through some stunning scenery. Pictures will not do it justice, but here’s are a few pics anyhoot. Enjoy (If viewing from social media – click the link to see more than just the one).

Finally, some Scenery Pics

We were going to try the Elf Den for lunch, but no, closed. So on to the next DDD option: Big Daddy’s the Northernmost Southern BBQ. Just sat down, but damn it smells good.

DDD: Big Daddy’s