Here lies the ‘unofficial’ end of the Alaska Highway sign. 3,152 miles from Denver. :0)


Kicking back tonight and tomorrow night at Chena HOT Springs Resort. Dinner, ice house museum tour, and hot springs soaking time tonight. Ahhhhhh.

Kicking Back

We’ve passed through some stunning scenery. Pictures will not do it justice, but here’s are a few pics anyhoot. Enjoy (If viewing from social media – click the link to see more than just the one).

Finally, some Scenery Pics

We were going to try the Elf Den for lunch, but no, closed. So on to the next DDD option: Big Daddy’s the Northernmost Southern BBQ. Just sat down, but damn it smells good.

DDD: Big Daddy’s

Shhhh! There’s a black bear in the tree by our tents.

Shhhh, Bear

You will NOT starve at Fast Eddy’s in Tok, AK. To be fair, the waitress did warn us about the sizes of the nachos and mushrooms but we didn’t comprehend.

Fast Eddy’s

OK, we’ve seen several bears, but for this one we finally stopped and took pictures. Here’s a shot from one camera, hopefully got a better one on the zoom baby zoom.


Yeeeha! If you ever get the chance, DO take the Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Skagway. Freaking gorgeous. GoPro pics, later gator. Made it to Alaska. Running around Skagway all day. Have a great day!

Alaska, Part 1

Raven walking. In for the night at Town and Mountain corner of Main and 4th in Whitehorse. Dinner and drinks downstairs at the Walking Raven. Tomorrow Alaska! Skagway, train ride, meeting up with Erik, and then a ferry to Haines. Alaska Highway – beautiful road!

Raven Walking

My favorite picture so far: Doug and Michele riding off into the sun dog. They couldn’t even see it up in the sky (different lenses on the helmets and sunglasses, or not, can make quite a bit of difference in visibility). So glad I saw it!

Riding Into the Sun Dog

Made it to Teslin, time for a brain break. Next, on the Whitehorse for the night. We’ve been in rain much of the night and most of the day, so ditching the campground in favor of a hotel with hot water and a hair dryer (for drying the gloves and […]


The first Alaska state line crossing! We have seen some of the most awesome mountain views. I’ll be posting a link to many GoPro pics sometime soon.

We made it!